About CruiseHV.com

About CruiseHV.com

What inspired us to make CruiseHV.com

I-84 Diner 9/11 memorial show 2016

CruiseHV.com started out as an accidental idea for car show & Car Cruises in the Hudson Valley and Catskills NY. Going to shows the last few years, we noticed that where the next show was a “best kept secret”.  If you’re lucky enough to have a car in a show, a few flyers for the next event would land on your front seat. If you happened to stumble upon a show in your town and you didn’t have a car in the show; where do you find the next one? This is where CruiseHV.com is your source of information for car cruises and shows in the Hudson Valley NY.

Our Goals are simple

Uncle's Nova
Uncle’s Nova

Online sites were updated, but many were not. A lot show sites were hard to navigate, and others didn’t well on mobile devices. Sometimes there was enough information that goes us there, and other times it was a GPS and many guesses. This is where CruiseHV.com came about; promote car cruises and car shows in the Hudson Valley and beyond. Our goals are simple. Take our passion for cars, technology and creativity and put it together to combine the old with the new.

I-84 diner 9/11 show
I-84 Diner 9/11 memorial show 2016

Suggestions are welcome

We put our heads together and put together a list of must-haves for the site. One is a comprehensive Hudson Valley Car Show Calendar. You’ll find information about car shows, venues, organizers, prices, contact information, route maps, flyers and other car show  nformation. If you want to know where the car show is for the Hudson Valley, start with the calendar.  If you’re a car club, venue, or community group putting on a car show, you could submit your event with us for free. Submit your show for review. We may contact you to verify the information before publishing. Please make sure to fill out the required fields or the form will not submit.


Dad's Camaro
Dad’s Camaro

Platforms and Social Media

CruiseHV.com works on just about every device; except flip phones. But if you have a tablet, mobile device, laptop, new or old computer, we’ve made sure you can get access. We’re also linking our site to all of our social media sites.

We’ve started with facebook at https://www.facebook.com/cruisehv/. This means every time we post here, our facebook page is updated at the same time. So go ahead and like and share us. Our tags are #CruiseHV #CarShows #HudsonValley #Orange #Ulster #Sullivan #Catskills #CarCruises

We’ve added Instagram. Our tags are #CruiseHV #CarShows #HudsonValley #Orange #Ulster #Sullivan #Dutchess #Catskills https://www.instagram.com/cruisehv/  were going to do a lot more with social media and apps in the future. 

On Twitter? We announce events at the beginning of the week and before the weekend begins to remind everyone where the shows are at this upcoming week. Our tags are #CruiseHV #CarShows #HudsonValley #Orange #Ulster #Sullivan #Dutchess #Catskills #CarCruises