Site Optimization and Ranking

Site Optimization and Ranking

Behind the Screen

We’ve tweaked a lot “behind the stage” in about 90 days our site review should come back and we should see some page ranking. We’re aiming for the #1 spot in page ranking for the Hudson Valley by the next 2017 show and cruise season. That’s a pretty ambitious goal, especially for the 2016 cruise and car season winding down.  But no shows or cruises mean lots of planning and expansion on the site, mobile apps and lots of ideas being worked out.

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We’ve had a great weekend launch and hope to keep the momentum going.
To help us out, visit our events page.  You could share any show event to just about anywhere or anyone by using the sharing tools at the bottom of the post.









Can you spare some likes?

We’ve left all of our stuff open to the public, this means that no one has to follow or like anything and they can do “drive bys” and read stuff.  But then you miss a steady stream of updates. It takes a lot of time to complete an event listing. Often we get a line or two lead and do all the research ourselves to get event information on the calendar.  So help us out and like our stuff and stay updated.

Uncle's 53
Uncle’s 53

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